Thursday, 17 May 2018

Toolkit 2 - Submission

Toolkit 2 -Submission

Links to work are in grey or blue writing, or it may say "click here."


Lighting and Rendering 2:

Arnold - Part 1: In Class
Arnold - Part 3: Ray Depth
Arnold - Part 4: Linear Workflow (Lecture Only)
Arnold - Part 5: Maya Lights
Arnold - Part 6: Light Filters
Arnold - Part 7: Stylised Internal Lighting
Arnold - Part 8: HDR Images
Arnold - Part 9: Sky Dome Light
Arnold - Part 10: Stylised External Lighting
Arnold - Part 11: Standard Surface Shader
Arnold - Part 12: Toon Shader
Arnold - Part 13: Geometry Override Sets
Arnold - Part 14: Physical Sky Light
Arnold - Part 15: Not Posted Online
Arnold - Part 16: Mesh Lights 
Arnold - Part 17: Ambient Occlusion
Arnold - Part 18: Photometric Lights
Arnold - Part 19: Depth of Field
Arnold - Part 20: Fog (Legacy) and Atmosphere
Arnold - Part 21: Not done yet
Arnold - Part 22: Sub Surface Scattering
Arnold - Part 23: Not done yet
Arnold - Part 24: Stand Ins (Proxies)
Arnold - Part 25: Motion Blur
Arnold - Part 26: Caustics

Pipeline 1: Head Modelling

Part 1: Preparation 
Part 4: The Mouth
Part 5: The Eye
Part 6: The Nose
Part 7: The Brow
Part 11: Adding a Throat
Part 12: Eyebrows
Part 13: Skull Cap
Part 14: Snagging List

Pipeline 1: Body Modelling
Part 5: Gloved Hands

Pipeline 1: UV Layout

Pipeline 1: Skinning:

(The rest are still to be completed)

Pipeline 1: Rigging:

(Still to be completed)

Pipeline 1: Texturing:

(Still to be completed)

Pipeline 1: Facial Rigging 1:

(Still to be completed)

Pipeline 1: Turnarounds:

(Still to be completed)

Pipeline 1: Facial Rigging 2:

(Still to be completed)

Pipeline 1: Facial Rigging 3:

(Still to be completed)

3D Animtation 3: Term 1 Body:

For all Moom Poses click here
For Moom Weight Lifting click here (scroll down to end of the post)

3D Animation 4: Term 2 Face:
For my Facial Animation click here
Pose Library click here 
Jaw Bounce click here
Phonetics and Dialogue click here 
Movement Extremes - Brows and Eyes click here
Movement Extremes - Head Movement click here 


For all Infographics work:
Influence Map - Infographics click here
Colour Pallette click here 
Basic Shape/Colour of Wheel and Leaves click here
Quick Challenge - Junk to Gold click here
New Leaf Designs click here
Research for Infographics click here
New leaf Design/Ideas click here
New Wheel Design click here
Skull Animation Test Run click here
For Infographics Title Credit Animation click here

For all Mudbox work click here

Life Drawing:

For all Life Drawing lessons click here


Sculpting Character Ideas click here
Final Character Idea click here
Head Turn Around click here
Sculpting - Lesson 1 click here
Sculpting - Lesson 2 click here
Sculpting - Lesson 3 click here
Sculpting - Lesson 4 click here
Sculpting - Lesson 5 click here

Character Production Bible:
For Character Production Bible click here

Final performance being assessed

Friday, 11 May 2018

Premise - Reflective Statement

Reflective Statement

I was nervous but also excited about undertaking this project. I was excited to do something that was completely my own idea, however I was nervous and probably not confident with the prospect of having to trust my own decision making. After discussing this with Alan in one of my tutorials I began to relax into the project and became more confident in making my own decisions. I also realize that I often complete projects like "shopping lists".  Like Alan said I can take things "very literally" and become constrained by my ideas very quickly. Although I still work to a list, I do try to   jump around a bit more and give myself some reflection time whilst doing some other tasks.  I know that this is an area that needs further work but also recognise it is actually part of my nature.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating the concept Art for my project. The UPA theme has allowed me to break the boundaries of perfect lines, shapes and colours. I understand that not all of my work is abstract enough, which is something I hope to improve on before I come back in September. 

Making my Animatic was difficult, as it was hard to get my shapes in time with the music! Despite this aspect it was really fun bringing my story to life and I look forward to making the adjustments to the shapes movement. Once I took a step back from it and having Alan and Phil give me advice I understood the issues with it and value their feedback.
I now see that the separation between the shapes and character is not working. It makes it less interesting and boring to watch him walk horizontally across the screen. I want to spend time on creating concept art which shows The Mountain King reacting with the shapes. Seeing as it is happening in his mind, I have thought that I could place the King  in the abstract world!Almost as if he is in a fairground bedazzled, curious and engaged with all that is going on around him.  This will give my story more depth and excitement. I think taking another look at the animations Alan and Phil suggested will help me to do this too. 

Despite having to make changes in my project, I feel I've improved so much since Year 1 in terms of how quickly I do things and being more confident in my decision making. I am really looking forward to learning more skills and improving on the ones I already have in Year 3! I am proud of my achievements this year. 

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Call - Storyboard (Improved)

I have added descriptions under the frames so that it is clear to what exactly is going within my story visually: