Monday, 18 February 2019

Timeline - Personal Help

With Alan's advice I have roughly sketched out a timeline of my animation, marking the key points of change in the music. I have highlighted on the emotion, pitch and speed of the music. This has really helped me understand that the actions and movement in my animation need to flow with the music and to not feel separated.

I understand that my animation needs more continuity, as it feels very mechanical right now. I want to bring back the joy and emotion! I am hoping to achieve this by making each shot connect and relate to each other. Showing more of a journey, rather than just snapshots of a story.

My timeline for my animation:
(Sorry about the image quality but its mainly for my personal use)

Personal Timeline

Redesigning the King's Bedroom

Redesigning the Room
After speaking with Alan I have had another go at redesigning the bedroom. I have stripped it back to coloured lines and I think this is much closer to the 'UPA' style. Also in the first couple of shots I intend to make the lines gradually disappear so that he can enter the 'new world' filled with shapes and colour.