Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Day 6 Holiday Eve

As a small child I remember Mr Ben, the character, created by David McKee, who would enter the fancy dress shop, change in the changing room and walk back through the door and into the perfect setting for his outfit.

One of the images turned upside down looked to me like someone peeping out of a flowerpot!  Similarly to Mr Ben, I added a different hat to introduce a new character.

I have found it most difficult to create structured drawings from the images and have been frustrated by my attempts to draw 'in perspective'.  I have created some machinery but have found some angles difficult.  My moon buggy attempt caused me many problems!

At times imagination has not come easily but very often it is after a break that I can see something different again.  Also I have learnt not to ponder too long and I think that some of my best creations are those that I have thought little about.  My spaceman is an example of this - using the lightbulb as the head shape and then attaching a space suit was fun to do although the arms should have been longer!

I'm off to Disneyworld tomorrow so will do some more drawing on the plane but am looking forward most of all to learning a little bit more about animation on perhaps one of the world's biggest stages!