Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Research - Design and Character

Animation Influence Map

Bugs Life Influence Map

Research - Design and Character

During character design we were each given an orange envelope which had a number inside. This number determined what character you would get. As well as their:

  • Conceit/trait
  • world/time period 
  • filmic scene
  • and animation action

The character I got was a Cowgirl. Her Conceit/trait is "quick to anger" and bugs. The world she needs to live in is a Wild West Town. The filmic scene needs to be "high noon" and the animation action is "Walking into A saloon."

Before I start designing anything, I have to do my research. This is so that I fully understand the character i'm creating. I've begun to explore historic cowgirls, artifacts and I've even included a small timeline:

Historic Cowgirls

Historical Artifacts