Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Life Drawing - Lesson 4

As usual, we had 20 minuets to draw the first pose. Rather than just focusing on the lines, I really tried hard to incorporate shadow into my drawing. This helped me create more of a 3D image.
Moving onto the second drawing, we had around 20-30 minutes to complete this one. I always prefer the longer time periods, as I feel it gives me more of a chance to fully observe the life model. Using the same method as before, we were asked to add in the scenery as well. Such as the fabric draping over the objects underneath. This is when my drawings really began to become three dimensional. Simply by adding in the foreground, mid-ground and background gave my drawing a whole new look.

The next set of drawings left me feeling uncomfortable,due to the small amount of time we had. However looking back at my old drawings I can see a massive improvement in terms of tone, perspective and proportion. I even stepped away from from 3B pencil and used a pro-marker this time!

Here I wanted to have a go at drawing just the hands and feet of the life model. Something I have little experience with! Although not quite the way I wanted it to look, I feel I have the right shapes but the detail is something I need to work on.