Wednesday, 6 February 2019

New Ideas for shots 10 - 16

Shot 11: The King is cloned
Perhaps the 'S' shapes could flicker like waves of electricity are passing through them or the kings could be doing more actions to make the scene a bit more interesting.

Cloning (animatic still)
Shot 12: Multiple kings on multiple horn shapes
When they leave in formation they could leave one mountain king on his own, all confused as to where the rest are going. This will then lead nicely into the next shot.

Multiple kings (animatic still)

Shot 13: The king riding on the horn shape
The king goes back and forth on the horn shape, disappearing from view and then reappearing in a new position. I wondered if he could be dodging the lost furniture from his bedroom that seem to be flying or falling in this new universe. Or he maybe he doesn't even notice the furniture that is about to fall or fly into him and he just by chance misses being struck each time. 

King riding horn shape (animatic still) 
Shot 14: The king is ducking from pointy shapes
Not sure how to add to this scene? Maybe we could see the king from a different angle? If it were from a top point of view we could see the king looking up in terror at the shapes. 

Ducking from shapes (animatic still)
Shot 15: Three kings above a shape that expands
On the last and loud note of that shot the kings could blast off out of view when the shape has fully expanded. 
Expanding shape (animatic still) 
Shot 16: Flies past on rocket shape
I don't think I want to change much about this scene. I wouldn't want it to become too busy as there is lot of action happening. Maybe there could be some shapes/objects in the distance, giving the scene more dimension. 

Rockets (animatic still)