Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Day 5 if you can call it that!

Hello, am back from camp now and have missed working on my drawings.  Perhaps surprisingly I have got a lot done since being back and  am over half way.   This doesn't mean I can sit back and relax though!

I have begun to display my drawings.  Although,  I've realised that I've been placing  them close together.  This doesn't leave  room for me to write some dialogue about them.  I thought I would  start writing small captions beside my drawings so I can remember and people can understand the concept and the source of my inspiration.

As I reflect on my recent drawings I notice that a woodland theme appears to be emerging. Subconsciously and independently I have drawn woodland animals that include: hedgehogs, mice, a snake, birds and a rabbit. Then when looking at the scissors I saw the shape of a face carved in an old, oak tree. Then my head begins to fill with stories or I remember television programmes who have used a similar theme. Wind in the Willows has been animated several times but my favourite is the 1987 film directed by Arthur Rankin.


'Everything Rosie' is an animated TV series created by Victoria Corner for CBeebies.  A bright, vibrant 3D animation that follows the adventures of Rosie and her woodland friends.

I am beginning to  look at things differently, the objects that I need to create conceptual drawings from are etched on my brain.  Whether I am sitting in the garden,  shopping or watching television, I see the images contained in everyday objects.

Brain - that word gave me the idea of using the lightbulb as a machine that lights up when we have an idea or a thought crosses my mind.  Pixar's  film 'Inside Out' used this concept in such a brilliant way and taught children and adults to understand a little of how the brain works and how our emotions change  throughout the day.

I was excited to receive the timetable yesterday and can't believe that we might be looking at a 'space' theme.  This has now made me look at the objects again using my 'galactic' eyes!!