Monday, 26 September 2016

More quick thumbnails for the cities Despina, Phyllis, Ersilla, Isaura and Thekla

Life Drawing Exercises Image 3

Here is a 20 minute drawing using only pencil. Next time I aim to use charcoal so I can add some tone and depth to my drawing. Giving it that three dimensional look.

Life Drawing Exercises Image 2

I really struggled with my proportions and found it difficult to draw each pose with a short time amount of time for each pose. However, I felt I was able to capture each gesture with character!

Life Drawing Exercises Image 1

Here is my first life drawing. I managed to observe the lines very accurately but you could argue that his arm looks a bit out of proportion. Drawing the body from this angle was difficult as I often only draw a person "face on." However, as an inexperienced animator I need to learn how to focus on the body as a whole!