Sunday, 14 August 2016

Day 3/4....

Sorry I haven't posted this week, I've been away helping at a Children's Camp. However I managed to do a fair bit of drawings just before I went. Completed 52 drawings already!

Despite the many drawings, I had difficulty seeing what else I could create from these objects. I felt I had used up all my ideas. Rather than sitting there staring at them, I decided to animate a few of my drawings. When I say animate, I mean a couple of stop frame images.  I wanted to bring my characters to life.

Here are some pictures to explain what I mean:

I loved making my character's move, even if they were just simple actions. The one drawing I found most difficult to animate was the swan. It was hard to get the wing movements right. I even found myself watching youtube videos to help me understand how swans fly!

The next day I thought of more ideas, creating more quick sketches.  Rather than sticking to what I thought were the easier objects, I had ago at the challenging ones. But then realising that they weren't too hard at all! My inspiration just came from the room I was working in.

I've learnt so much from just 4 days of work:

1. The drawings don't need to be perfect
2. Inspiration can come from anywhere
3. Ideas can come from mistakes

Have now started to display my work in a small sketch book. This is so I can see my progress and ideas more clearly. Rather than having them all scattered across the floor!

Will post some more work after this week, as I'm away again at the children's camp. I might even get some inspiration from my surroundings!