Tuesday, 13 September 2016

My Final Designs!

Here it goes! These are my final designs split into three categories: structures, lifeforms and machines. It was good to spend more time on these concept drawings and being able to finalise my own ideas. The tricky part was showing my drawings from the front, back and side!  I had never done this before with images that I had created.

This is a light bulb which powers a certain emotion to the brain. I struggled with the connection wires in these drawings as it was difficult to visualise how they would be from the various view points.

 Life Forms
This Object has become an orange octopus, which swims in the deep depths of the ocean.  For some reason the suckers are more visible from the front than they are from the side and the back!  Not sure why -  Oooops!

This drawing portrays a drone, which can fly and carry objects such as parcels to different destinations.  This was the easiest to do front and back as it was virtually the same!  I'm not sure the perspective is right, i.e: size of the parcel versus size of drone!