Monday, 17 December 2018

Corrective Blend Shapes (side view)

I have now completed the rest of the blend shapes for each joint that needed it:

Corrective Blend Shapes: Hands, Wrists, Elbows, Hips and Football Joints

Corrective Blend Shapes: Side View (Ankle Joint)

I have started to use Blend shapes to correct any geometry that looks out of place when I move my characters joints. I create and edit the poses in the 'Pose Editor' found in the Deform Menu.  The right ankle joint is now complete and I feel that I am ready to move onto the other joints such as the Elbows, Wrists, Hip and Middle hand joints. I wont need to do the knees in this case, as they don't seem to deform in any way when I move them.

Part 1 - Ankle Joint

Part 2 - Ankle Joint

Part 3 - Ankle Joint

Part 4 - Ankle Joint

Part 5 - Ankle Joint

Part 6 - Ankle Joint

Part 7 - Ankle Joint

Part 8 - Ankle Joint

Part 9 - Ankle Joint

Part 10 - Ankle Joint