Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Facial Rigging - Test Run Playblast

Front_Facial_Rigging_Testing_Final from Jennifer Ball on Vimeo.

Front View - Facial Rigging Complete!

The Process - Mouth

I have created a facial control for the eyes and mouth. I did different planes for the mouth because each plane has its own 'mouth expression'. Adding extra attributes means I can scrub the different planes off and on.

Step 1 - Create different planes

Step 2 - Add extra attributes 

Step 3 - New attributes should appear in channel box

Step 4 - Connect attributes in the connection editor

Step 5 - Contacting the visibility to each expression 

Step 6 - Ready to use!
The Process - Eyes

The eyes were a little different to the mouth because I created an image sequence on one plane, so I can switch between the different textures such as opened, half open and closed eyes. The eyes have a drop down menu for this.

Step 1 - Adding new attributes

Step 2 - Make sure they appear in channel box

Step 3 - Rename texture correctly to work with channel names

Step 4 - Check closed eyes in channel box

Step 5 - Check open eyes in channel box

Step 6 - Check half open eyes in channel box

Step 7 - Ready to use!