Monday, 1 April 2019

New Parachute Idea - Rendered Image

Rendered Image from Maya 
My Original Idea was to have just one mountain king fling down at the end, however I think it would be more fun to have 8 of them! All doing individual movements.

Playblasts of Shots 6, 7 and 8 from Scene 3 (with audio)

I have animated playblasts for scene 3. I have come across a problem though, in shot 7 his mouth keeps moving away from his body? Not sure how to resolve this?

Since talking with Alan a while back, he gave me advice on how to improve my scenes. For example in shot 6, rather than have him falling onto the 'pebble shapes', the camera zooms to the left to find him.

In shot 8 Alan suggested that I wouldn't the shapes to form a smiley face. So Instead, I've have made the shapes flip the mountain king vertically. This makes the king fall into the next shot with the sea of shapes. Any more advice on how to improve these shots is always appreciated.

Scene 3 - Playblasts from Jennifer Ball on Vimeo.