Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Photoshop Tutorial - Perspective Exercises 1,2 and 3

Life Drawing Exercises - Lesson 2

Here are my life drawing exercises:

At first we started drawing Sharon with a time limit of 20 minutes, this was so we could get used to drawing again. After I had stepped back from my drawing I suddenly realised how disproportionate I had made Shannon. I needed to elongate the arms and legs, and perhaps make her head smaller! 

The next time round we only had five minutes to draw and observe each position. I slowly began to come out of my comfort zone, of "neat" and "tidy" drawings. Rather than focusing on small details I kept my charcoal on the paper and studied the body with my eyes. By the third set of sketches I could see a dramatic improvement with my proportions and I only had two minutes to complete each pose!  

The last drawing of Sharon's face was my favourite, as faces are something that i'm used to. Even so, I still think there is room for improvement on this one!

Interior Influence Map for the city Sophronia

Making this map was very difficult, as I'm still learning the wonderful ways of Photoshop!     Eventually I understood exactly how to place and crop the images the way I wanted to on the template. This map only portrays images from an interior perspective, which will help me gain some inspiration for my key thumbnails.

Exterior Influence Map for the city Sophronia

This map is slightly different to the other influence map as it only gives you an exterior perspective. This will help me gain some ideas for my key thumbnails for the city Sophronia.