Thursday, 6 October 2016

Common Shaders Tutorial - Robot Design

Ceramic Robot

Chrome Robot

Glass Robot (sorry the black background doesn't help!)

Glow Robot

Glow Robot without object

Gold Robot

Plastic Robot

Silver Robot

Life Drawing Exercises - Lesson 3

The first exercise was a medium of our choice, so I decided to use charcoal. Doing this helped my drawing become less rigid and more in proportion. Overall I am pleased with my effort, however I need to start adding shadow and light to my drawing. This gives my drawings the opportunity to step outside of there 2D shell and become 3D. 

The next exercise caused me great discomfort as we only had 30 seconds for each pose, I wanted to create "perfect" drawings. After this, I then realised that this wasn't the aim of the exercise at all. It was to help us think about what was important, making sure we had the shape of the body first before we added in the extra detail!

I was first nervous to try out black paper, but gradually enjoyed working with different mediums. It helped me get out of comfort zone and what I was used to doing. We were asked to just focus on tone and not the outline of the figure. I found this really difficult as i'm used to creating line drawings. Despite this problem, I learnt to think about light and shadow. 

Well practice makes perfect!