Monday, 23 January 2017

Pulling a chair with rope - Animation

I found this rather difficult to animate, especially the leg movement. Her movements are also a bit too rigid. If I have time i'll go back and refine it more.

Toy Story 2 Bloopers - Storyboard

My first script using Aobe Story - Toy Story 2, Bloopers

Life Drawing - Lesson 12

Orange pen and charcoal - 20 min

5 minute poses to showcase movement - brown pen

30 second poses portraying movement

I really struggled with the last activity due to the time limit. This made me panic because I didn't manage to draw the whole figure in such a short amount of time. However the task wasn't about how the drawing looked, it was simply to showcase gradual movement. I hope to "let go" more next time and try to relax.