Thursday, 23 February 2017

Final Crit Presentation

The Joymaker Storyboard Animatic from Jennifer Ball on Vimeo.

The Joymaker Pre-vis from Jennifer Ball on Vimeo.

Reflective Statement - Storytelling and Commision: From Script To Screen

As I reflect on this project, I look back with an over riding sense of enjoyment.  Although initially I was worried and confused as I felt I might have inadequate software knowledge to produce my pre-viz and animatic.

The initial idea for the story came very quickly from the words, balloon, prison cell and toymaker.  It does seem that I  have a natural tendency to produce work that might be considered cute, simple, endearing and almost child like.  However, I also try to provide substance to my work and address social issues in a way that is punchy and meaningful.

My initial concept art was illustrative in it's original state - I needed to simplify my drawings in order to charaterise them.  My environment was originally ordinary as I was  not thinking 'outside of the box'.  Instead placing the main character in a very ordinary and civilised setting.  In producing the biography of my character I got to know the more quirky individual that I had produced.

The story was originally about a toymaker who suffered from dementia and who in her mind was continuing life in her own way.  However the story did not flow and did not have a natural ending.

The quirkiness of Bessie allowed a more fairy tale like story to be created.

I learnt quickly how to use Adobe Premier  in order to compile my animatic.  I used Adobe Story for the first time to present my script.  Although I was uncertain initially as to what should and should not appear in a script and in what order.

Watching the various films, particularly Hitchcock, I was able to apply my learning about camera movement and film shots,  to my project.  When I watch any film or programme I am now examining how the frames might be constructed.  Creating the Toy Story animatic also enabled me to understand what my own story board would look like.

Before I started this course, I feared story writing and being able to design characters and environments of my own.  However, I have enjoyed this particular project so much and believe that I have grown in confidence and knowledge.    I no longer take feedback personally or as a criticism but rather actively seek it, in order to improve my work.

Influence Maps for Characters

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Character Biographies

Bessie was born in 1937 into a dynasty of Teddy Bear Makers who lived in a forest.  The family home was a tree house and she lived there with her parents and Grandparents.  

The Teddy Bears were not for sale, they could only be received.

Bessie was never married and when her Grandparents and parents died she continued the family business in the only way she knew. 

Bessie was eccentric but had a heart of gold.  Watching the news daily, she would ensure that those suffering any sadness around the world would receive a piece of unexpected joy.

Bessie lived completely alone with only bears for company.

Is a victim of emotional abuse.  The details of her story are not known, except that she is featured on the News as a child in need, who is imprisoned by the neglect that she has experienced.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

@Phil New concept art for Bessie's front room

Given this is now a tree house, I am trying to bring the outside in. Is this something that you think works?

Life Drawing - Lesson 16

Chalk and sharpie pen - 15/20 minutes
Chalk and sharpie pens - 5 minute poses
Experimenting with proportions - 20/30 Minutes

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sounds I heard at the train station - Adobe Audition

  • Birds (tweeting, flapping wings)
  • Wind
  • Money from machine
  • The train arriving
  • Whistle
  • People talking
  • Rustle of newspapers
  • My footsteps 
  • People eating
  • Pushing the door open 
  • Rain drops 
  • Car keys
  • High heel footsteps
  • Low heel footsteps

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Concept Art for the Girl's Bedroom

Girl's Bedroom

Concept art - Bessie's Sewing Machine and Balloon

Bessie's Sewing Machine

Concept art - the girl in my story

Concept art for my character Bessie and Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Thumbnails for environment

Bessie's front room

Girl's bedroom
Bessie's Home (work in progress)

New thumbnails for props

Teddy Bear


Sewing Machine

New thumbnail designs for my characters

After following Phil's advice, I have now characterised the people in my story. I will take these designs into Photoshop and develop them digitally.


Little girl