Thursday, 23 February 2017

Final Crit Presentation

The Joymaker Storyboard Animatic from Jennifer Ball on Vimeo.

The Joymaker Pre-vis from Jennifer Ball on Vimeo.

Reflective Statement - Storytelling and Commision: From Script To Screen

As I reflect on this project, I look back with an over riding sense of enjoyment.  Although initially I was worried and confused as I felt I might have inadequate software knowledge to produce my pre-viz and animatic.

The initial idea for the story came very quickly from the words, balloon, prison cell and toymaker.  It does seem that I  have a natural tendency to produce work that might be considered cute, simple, endearing and almost child like.  However, I also try to provide substance to my work and address social issues in a way that is punchy and meaningful.

My initial concept art was illustrative in it's original state - I needed to simplify my drawings in order to charaterise them.  My environment was originally ordinary as I was  not thinking 'outside of the box'.  Instead placing the main character in a very ordinary and civilised setting.  In producing the biography of my character I got to know the more quirky individual that I had produced.

The story was originally about a toymaker who suffered from dementia and who in her mind was continuing life in her own way.  However the story did not flow and did not have a natural ending.

The quirkiness of Bessie allowed a more fairy tale like story to be created.

I learnt quickly how to use Adobe Premier  in order to compile my animatic.  I used Adobe Story for the first time to present my script.  Although I was uncertain initially as to what should and should not appear in a script and in what order.

Watching the various films, particularly Hitchcock, I was able to apply my learning about camera movement and film shots,  to my project.  When I watch any film or programme I am now examining how the frames might be constructed.  Creating the Toy Story animatic also enabled me to understand what my own story board would look like.

Before I started this course, I feared story writing and being able to design characters and environments of my own.  However, I have enjoyed this particular project so much and believe that I have grown in confidence and knowledge.    I no longer take feedback personally or as a criticism but rather actively seek it, in order to improve my work.

Influence Maps for Characters