Thursday, 26 October 2017

Postmodern Definitions and Judith Butler - Week 6

Normativity - keeping with the norm and what is believed as the correct standards of behavior in society.

Binary Opposition - for example Male/female or Straight/gay. One of the terms has power and control over the other. This creates an unfair, cultural bias.

Deconstruction - means to dismantle or to re-inscribe. It becomes unstable and undecidable. Seeks to problematise all notions of knowledge and undermines all well ordered structures.

Differance -  the difference and contrast between something or someone.

Reinscribe - to rename or make something new.

Cognitive dissonance -  an inconsistency of  thoughts, beliefs or attitudes.

Judith Butler - Questions and deconstructs gender roles and stereotypes created by our culture. Judith explains how gender norms are culturally formed by society. She believes that the world acts out these gender roles as a "cultural performance."  Our biology has been manipulated to a set of beliefs and standards of how females and males should act and behave. If anyone changes, re - creates or breaks down these ideologies it can become uncomfortable or even shocking for some people. For example Conchita Wurst. This was a man dressed as a women, with a beard. Who won the Eurovision Song Contest. This could have been confusing for people as they couldn't place Conchita in a particular box or category: male or female? Or just simply neither!

"No one is really a gender from the start. I know its controversial. But that's my claim."
- Judith Butler