Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Day 6 Holiday Eve

As a small child I remember Mr Ben, the character, created by David McKee, who would enter the fancy dress shop, change in the changing room and walk back through the door and into the perfect setting for his outfit.

One of the images turned upside down looked to me like someone peeping out of a flowerpot!  Similarly to Mr Ben, I added a different hat to introduce a new character.

I have found it most difficult to create structured drawings from the images and have been frustrated by my attempts to draw 'in perspective'.  I have created some machinery but have found some angles difficult.  My moon buggy attempt caused me many problems!

At times imagination has not come easily but very often it is after a break that I can see something different again.  Also I have learnt not to ponder too long and I think that some of my best creations are those that I have thought little about.  My spaceman is an example of this - using the lightbulb as the head shape and then attaching a space suit was fun to do although the arms should have been longer!

I'm off to Disneyworld tomorrow so will do some more drawing on the plane but am looking forward most of all to learning a little bit more about animation on perhaps one of the world's biggest stages!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Day 5 if you can call it that!

Hello, am back from camp now and have missed working on my drawings.  Perhaps surprisingly I have got a lot done since being back and  am over half way.   This doesn't mean I can sit back and relax though!

I have begun to display my drawings.  Although,  I've realised that I've been placing  them close together.  This doesn't leave  room for me to write some dialogue about them.  I thought I would  start writing small captions beside my drawings so I can remember and people can understand the concept and the source of my inspiration.

As I reflect on my recent drawings I notice that a woodland theme appears to be emerging. Subconsciously and independently I have drawn woodland animals that include: hedgehogs, mice, a snake, birds and a rabbit. Then when looking at the scissors I saw the shape of a face carved in an old, oak tree. Then my head begins to fill with stories or I remember television programmes who have used a similar theme. Wind in the Willows has been animated several times but my favourite is the 1987 film directed by Arthur Rankin.


'Everything Rosie' is an animated TV series created by Victoria Corner for CBeebies.  A bright, vibrant 3D animation that follows the adventures of Rosie and her woodland friends.

I am beginning to  look at things differently, the objects that I need to create conceptual drawings from are etched on my brain.  Whether I am sitting in the garden,  shopping or watching television, I see the images contained in everyday objects.

Brain - that word gave me the idea of using the lightbulb as a machine that lights up when we have an idea or a thought crosses my mind.  Pixar's  film 'Inside Out' used this concept in such a brilliant way and taught children and adults to understand a little of how the brain works and how our emotions change  throughout the day.

I was excited to receive the timetable yesterday and can't believe that we might be looking at a 'space' theme.  This has now made me look at the objects again using my 'galactic' eyes!!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Day 3/4....

Sorry I haven't posted this week, I've been away helping at a Children's Camp. However I managed to do a fair bit of drawings just before I went. Completed 52 drawings already!

Despite the many drawings, I had difficulty seeing what else I could create from these objects. I felt I had used up all my ideas. Rather than sitting there staring at them, I decided to animate a few of my drawings. When I say animate, I mean a couple of stop frame images.  I wanted to bring my characters to life.

Here are some pictures to explain what I mean:

I loved making my character's move, even if they were just simple actions. The one drawing I found most difficult to animate was the swan. It was hard to get the wing movements right. I even found myself watching youtube videos to help me understand how swans fly!

The next day I thought of more ideas, creating more quick sketches.  Rather than sticking to what I thought were the easier objects, I had ago at the challenging ones. But then realising that they weren't too hard at all! My inspiration just came from the room I was working in.

I've learnt so much from just 4 days of work:

1. The drawings don't need to be perfect
2. Inspiration can come from anywhere
3. Ideas can come from mistakes

Have now started to display my work in a small sketch book. This is so I can see my progress and ideas more clearly. Rather than having them all scattered across the floor!

Will post some more work after this week, as I'm away again at the children's camp. I might even get some inspiration from my surroundings!


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Day Two

Yesterday I only managed to create 13 drawings because I was pushed for time. Even though its early days, coming up with ideas is gradually becoming a lot easier. However the prospect of 63 more drawings leaves me feeling a little worried!  Here's a glimpse of yesterdays achievements:

Yesterdays Achievements! 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Day One continued.....

Today's work as promised!

Day One!

Hi, I'm just familiarising myself with the concept of blogging!  Although talking about concepts, I have today drawn 25 of the 101 concept drawings that I need to create by the time I start my course!  I'm freaking out a little bit because I'm so short of time and I'm not good at presenting sketches or work that I feel is unfinished!  But here goes........and once I've discovered how to post photo's I'll post today's collection.

So, Day One - feeling accomplished - 25 drawings and my first blog post!