Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Character Biographies

Bessie was born in 1937 into a dynasty of Teddy Bear Makers who lived in a forest.  The family home was a tree house and she lived there with her parents and Grandparents.  

The Teddy Bears were not for sale, they could only be received.

Bessie was never married and when her Grandparents and parents died she continued the family business in the only way she knew. 

Bessie was eccentric but had a heart of gold.  Watching the news daily, she would ensure that those suffering any sadness around the world would receive a piece of unexpected joy.

Bessie lived completely alone with only bears for company.

Is a victim of emotional abuse.  The details of her story are not known, except that she is featured on the News as a child in need, who is imprisoned by the neglect that she has experienced.