Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Animatic so far @Phil

Fantastic Voyage - Animatic so far from Jennifer Ball on Vimeo.

Hi Phil, here is my animatic so far but i'm a bit stuck as to how I can represent mitosis? I am trying to use your idea of some form of kinetic movement, but I cant seem to make it work for me.

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  1. Hi Jen - just some thoughts then:

    1) I think the opening scenes are too protracted - you don't need as many repetitions before we see the cell join the throng.

    2) In terms of 'showing Mitosis' - I think you need to thinking in more 3D terms and also simplify the design of your various components in a more Toy-design style. So - instead of just keeping the camera hovering outside the cell - why not take us into the nucleus and think about presenting the space and the bits more like this:

    Think of your visual concept as 'playful' - the way kids love to play with plastic interactive 'noisy' toys - and it's that kind of design universe:

    Then, once the process has been shown, you can pop us back out into the marble run and show us the cycle beginning again - so think toys, think about those chunky, smooth simplifications you see in toy design and work on a plain white background, so you can move in and out and around 'new objects' as you need to introduce them - also - just take a look at your typeface... does it truly fit your world/visual concept?