Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Hall of the Mountain King - Premise Story

The Mountain King lay dying. In his stately, cave chamber, his empty eyes dart around the room, as if, for one last time. They stop, transfixed on his gnarled and worn walking stick and a wry smile creeps across his tired face.  He walks across the room towards his trusty friend and together they process through the windings of the palace corridors. Collecting a lighted flame to guide his way, he moves slowly and painfully towards the sound,  as a shadow of his former self dances across the walls.

Discarded instruments that once belonged to friends and comrades,  lay dusty and disused along the misshapen walls.

The music builds as he approaches the Great Hall doors and he reaches for the key.  A sight reminiscent of days gone by,  brings tears to the old King's  eyes as here, in  'The hall of the Mountain King, he joins in  the final stanza before he bids farewell to his trusty friend.

A notice placed on the Palace Gates read: Today - our much loved Mountain King, passed peacefully in his sleep.

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